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7 Tips for building your personal brand

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What is personal branding and why is it important?

Personal branding is the practice of creating a brand around a person/personality rather than around a product or company. As a content creator you are a personal brand, whether you realise it or not and it is your job to take care of that brand. Personal branding will play a role in your overall marketing strategy as it focuses on you figuring out who you really are.  

There are so many benefits to building your personal brand including:

  • Partnership and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Helps to extend your professional network.
  • Contributes to further career opportunities.
  • Increases your visibility in your chosen industry.
  • Opens doors to collaborations and other career opportunities.

To help you on your way to building your brand, we have put together the following tips for building your personal brand:  

1. What are your values?

Your values are the emotional perspective that you bring to your brand. It’s the aspect that will draw in new audience members because they are attracted to the values that you promote. These principles have helped you understand the core standards that you have set up for your life and contribute to who you are as a person. Your target market will have similar values to you and that’s part of the reason they could potentially join your community. 

Exercise: Create a list of values for your brand

2. What makes you, YOU?

Think of all the things that you have been told is unique about you, the things that make you special or stand out from other people. What are the parts of you that make you unique? There is a special trait in all of us that makes us unique, celebrate it and show it off because that quirk is what makes you, you. You might have a unique laugh, or you like to sing what you are speaking, it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s a part of you and your DNA. Celebrate it! 

Exercise: Create a list of 10 things that make you unique

3. Determine what you want to be known for?

Is there something you are so AMAZING at? Are you good at speaking and interviewing professionals and experts? Are you a gamer that is good at creating video tutorials for your favourite game? You get to choose what you are known for and why not let that be for creating high-quality content? What a time to be alive when your viewers know you for being incredibly good at something you love! For example, Ninja was well known for his Fortnight videos, and now he is known for so much more than that! Personal branding can open so many doors and create so many opportunities!

Exercise: Write down what you want to be known for and why

4. Find your voice and be LOUD

This is what is really going to help distinguish you from other content creators, through your brand voice. This is a culmination of all the other aspects you have been identifying and putting together, your values, your strengths, and even focusing on what you are good at. Your brand voice is going to take you places and help your audience to find you when they aren’t even looking. Be sure to make your voice unique, don’t take on the voice of another content creator, you won’t get noticed.

5. Share your brand story

Sharing your origin/brand story helps your audience to feel connected to you through shared experiences (you don’t have to share the intricacies or get incredibly personal). It’s a well-known fact that people connect to people who they feel they can relate to and with content creation it is no different. Suzanne Chadwick says that “Making your audience part of your story creates engagement, connection and loyalty. You can do this through speaking with your audience, being honest and by taking them along with you for the ride (through social media, Instagram stories, Facebook posts etc). 

Exercise: Write your brand story 

6. Create two-way networking opportunities with your audience

When creating content for your social media take into consideration that your audience is looking for a way to engage with you. If you are posting going live tweets all the time it doesn’t open up chances for your audience to engage with you or your brand. When posting consider adding in a question regarding what you are speaking about, ask your audience what their opinion is on something or what their favourite whatever is. This two-way networking door opens up space for you and your audience to communicate and contributes positively to you and your brand.

Check out our post on networking to help you get there in a physical setting. For online networking, tips check out our post covering networking on Twitter

7. Be authentic

In this day and age, there is no room for a “fake it until you make it” mentality. As a content creator, you need to be showing your true colours, being authentic is beneficial to your brand. When you are truly being yourself and showing your style people will be attracted to the authenticity of you and your content. Content creation will come easy to you if you’re embracing all the cool things about yourself and not closing doors to showing off who you are. Being someone you are not will ruin your brand.

What not to do when building your personal brand

Although there are quite a few things you should do to help build your brand, there is also a list of things you shouldn’t do. Here are a few things we think you should avoid doing while you are building your brand (and even when you have established your brand). 

Do not ignore other content creators – one of the best strategies to build your brand and your authority as an expert in your industry is to work with other content creators. Opportunities will pop up and instead of creating an environment of hostility or competition, build relationships. Working with other content creators will bring you experience and build your reputation for being community-focused and motivated. 

Don’t rush the process – you know the old saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day? Apply that mentality to your brand building. It might take some time for you to bring all the pieces together but it is an achievable goal. 

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not – if you don’t own your own private jet don’t go hiring one to take photos on! What we’re trying to say is don’t post disingenuous content because you don’t want your audience to think you’re a phony. Pretending to be something you’re not for clout won’t win you points with your true followers.

If you need help in defining and building your personal brand you can contact us here and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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