Regardless of your size, a media kit is a vital tool for all influencers and content creators. Think of it as a digital resume that showcases you, your audience and your services.

With our experience working with influencers from a brand perspective we can make you a media kit that is sure to represent you in a creative and informative way. We will ensure it is filled with the must know information that we know brands are looking for. 


After completing the form above you will receive an email containing a questionnaire asking you for all the information we require in order to complete your media kit. Don’t be scared to give us too much information. We will use what is necessary and whatever information we believe is relevant and useful. We will require a photo of you. If you prefer not to have a photo of yourself in the media kit that’s OK send a drawing, logo or SOMETHING that represents you. 
If you have any emotes, logos or other assets you want featured in the media kit send them through! 

Your media kit is an extension of you. It needs to represent you and your brand in the best and most informative way possible. We encourage you to supply us with your branding assets if you have them. If you don’t have any branding assets we’ll ask for some additional information in relation to colours and styles that you would like to use. 

We want you to love your media kit – we will work with you until your media kit is to your liking! 

As your career grows more things can be added to the media kit and some thing can even be removed. We want this kit to always represent you and your achievements in the best way possible. We will happily update your media kit as required, free of charge, in the first year after purchase. 

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