Hacked: Instagram Analytics for Content Creators

After launching in October of 2010, Instagram now boasts a user base of 600 million people. The mobile sharing app has evolved in leaps and bounds moving from being a simple photo-sharing app to a preferred content promotion app for influencers and gamers alike.

How the Instagram algorithm works 

Instagram is another social media platform that uses an algorithm that prioritises certain content. The algorithm works in a very smart way, essentially content is delivered to the user based on signals. The signals are based on the relationship to the user (interaction with followed accounts), interest conveyed through exploration (hashtags and the explore page), and recency of posts (timing is important). 

Getting around the algorithm 

As a content creator you will need to know a few little tips and tricks that you can use to get passed the algorithm. To “hack” the Instagram algorithm, Creativebloq recommends that you try the following:

  1.  Start conversations with your audience – if someone comments make sure that you are actively engaging with that person. 
  2. Create emotional content – doesn’t have to be emo-motional, it has to spark some sort of feeling in the user! Creating humorous content can go a really long way. 
  3. Use editing tools – why not add a filter to your photos? You can make it uniform across all your content.
  4. Find your niche – honestly as a content creator your niche is gaming! Engage, follow, and promote other gaming content creators on Instagram.

Instagram Insights

Data is accessible through the app without having to go to a third party data subscription. You need to be a business page to be able to access this information as it is not available for a personal profile. Everything about the Instagrams Insight tab is great.

To access your Instagram insights:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Tab the side button with the three dashes
  3. Insights 

This will give you access to the data and information regarding the people who are accessing and interacting with your profile and your content. The Instagram analytics are presented is similar to what you will see on the Facebook Insights tab on your profile page. 


This will provide you with an overview of your posts for a 7 day period. This includes Instagram analytics like reach, page views, and website clicks.


Going to this tab will show you similar statistics to Facebook Insights, including your reach, impressions, interactions (engagements). As a content creator or streamer, you can pop your link in there and see how many clicks there are through to those sites. 


This is the Instagram equivalent of your “fan” insights – demographics (location, gender, and their online behaviour). This feature is great to use and evaluate your content scheduling.

Post Insights

The option is on each post itself, there is an “insights” click-through on your post that will pop up with a bit of valuable information. Your post insights show you interactions, reach, profile visits, and the impressions calculated on the post.

Instagram as a content creator

Instagram can be a great promotional tool for content creators if it is used consistently. Ideally, you should be making 5-10 posts on Instagram a week to be considered a consistent user. If you need any help with understanding Instagram analytics please contact us here!

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