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pax panel
pax panel

With PAX Australia coming up in the next week, what better way to get hyped than share our plans for panels across the weekend. This year there is such an incredible amount of diversity from the panellists to the discussion topics of each panel. You can find the entire PAX Australia schedule here and download the app for iPhone and Android. Hopefully, we will run into you at one of the below panels. 

Behind the Curtain: What Do Community Managers Actually Do?!

Friday 11th October 3:00-4:00pm @ The Galah Theatre 

From content creation to sassy exchanges, streaming previews to curating player feedback, what is it that community managers ACTUALLY do day to day? Join our panel of experienced community managers as they give you insight into their roles, how they got started, and what a career in this field entails.

Prepare for stories, advice, and answers to your burning questions as they let you behind the curtain of a rapidly growing (and often misunderstood) career path…


We’re lucky in this day and age that there are people who have jobs that allow fans to connect directly to a game on a whole new level but it’s not without its downsides. If you’re thinking of becoming a community manager check this panel out and see what it’s REALLY like in the lives of our favourite community managers. This panel is not to be missed!

This panel would be incredibly beneficial for content creators to go and listen to and most definitely ASK SOME QUESTIONS! This insider information and sharing of the different roles that these community managers play in their organisations would help content creators understand the behind the scenes workings a little bit more imo. 

Streaming IRL: Turning Everyday Life Into a Career

Friday 11th October 6:00pm – 7:00pm @ The Galah Theatre

This panel examines the rise of live streaming everyday life and travel to new audiences. Join us with experts and streamers to find out how they made their everyday life a life-changing career.


A lot of us want to travel. We’ve always loved looking longingly at travel shows and the photos of your friends’ adventures on Facebook and Instagram. Now technology has reached a stage where it’s possible to join your friends on these adventures.  You can experience what they experience right alongside them. No longer will you be stuck with photoshopped photos of a tourist attraction without tourists – you will see these places are actually crowded – you’ll experience what ordering food is like. What their transport is like. You can live your life in another person’s shoes without even leaving your home! Even if you’re not a travel fan – seeing how someone else lives their day to day life can be eye-opening. 


I have always been very curious about the IRL streaming path and how it works. Going to this panel will hopefully shed a little more light on IRL streaming so that I can help out content creators who are hoping to go down this route. It’s a very foreign concept to me but I am always finding myself invested in another person’s life if they create content on it. I am a huge sucker for vlogging and that has become a major source of entertainment for me lately. 

A Gift for Esports? Finding if Someone has What it Takes

Saturday 12th October 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM @ Fruitbat Theatre

A lot of kids, teens and adults are now chasing the dream of esports glory and big prize money to go along with it all. Fortnite, The International, League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO and so much more now offers salaried careers and tournaments with millions on offer. But whether you’re a parent or an esports-star-in-training, how do you shift gears from just playing games to really training for success? And how do you know if you have ‘the gift’ to go all the way? Our panel of experts – from psychology to esports coaching staff – explore what it takes and answer your questions on choosing the right path toward success.


This is the number one question on a lot of people’s minds and this expert line up will let  you know what it really takes to become an esports champion. I am looking forward to taking a peek behind the scenes and learning that it’s not just about playing video games all day every day.  If you are interested in becoming a star player do not miss this panel!

Having worked in some of the behind the scenes in esports I have never fully grasped how these esport athletes get to where they are. It’s going to be great to learn what the process entails and how it happens for an individual looking to compete. I have a lot of respect for the hard work of the esports industry and it’s incredibly impressive. 

A Career in Games and disappointing your ethnic parents

Saturday 12th October 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM @ Ibis Theatre

So you’d like to work in games, but your family wants you to work a “real job” like becoming a doctor, nurse, or accountant? Passionate about games, but you are struggling to explain the legitimacy of your career to your mum when you got great grades out of high school? This talk is all about the strengths, and challenges of growing up multi-racial in Australia, where it can often be hard to justify working in creative industries when your family do not recognise games as a legitimate career path that puts food on the table.


This panel is going to provide some incredible insight into the lives of minorities in our industry. It’s so incredibly hard to imagine the conflict that having your parents disappointed in you for your choice of career. I am really looking forward to hearing the panellists experiences and see how they have overcome their differences/conflicts with their families. This type of insight is invaluable as empathy is an incredibly important social tool that we all need to be equipped with when working in our industry.

The Great Debate: The Amount of D&D Nowadays is Too Damn High!

Saturday 12th October 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM @ Main Theatre

From ‘Stranger Things’ to ‘Critical Role’ and ‘Acquisitions Incorporated’, young people, old people and every age in between are playing Dungeons & Dragons! But is this good or bad for society? Is it teaching creative lateral thinking, or is this just a gateway drug into dice hoarding? Is this an innocent pastime encouraging people to meet face-to-face and imaginatively create their own shared narratives… or an inevitable descent into Satanism, witchcraft and reptilian sacrifice?  When pen-and-paper gaming has become a billion-dollar industry, should we all just return to the solid family values of ‘Monopoly’? Your DM (Debate Master) is The Periodic Table of Awesome’s Quinny, and our party of brave adventurers will roll initiative for the argument of their lives!


 I am so glad that D&D has become more popular in the mainstream. While my actual role-playing is kept to a minimum in-game (I’ll save the amazing voice impressions for those who are good at it – I rolled a natural one for performance when rolling my IRL stats..heh.  ) I love that it allows my mind to create scenarios and situations where the outcome is tied to how I roll a dice (or 3). I love the social aspect of D&D and having something to look forward to each week. So personally I do not think the amount of D&D is too damn high but I definitely want to hear what the DM and  adventures have to say.  

Too Much Isn’t Enough: Reviewing the Tech in Black Mirror

Saturday 12th October 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM @ Kookaburra Theatre

Robot bees, computer-generated retirement homes and murderous robot dogs. Charlie Brooker’s twisted Black Mirror has no shortage of tech gone wild. The science fiction anthology series has even invented a few video games over the course of its five season run. Join us as we rank and review our favourite gadget and games featured in the series and weigh in on whether or not we’d ignore the obvious red flags and buy them anyway.


I am a HUGE fan of black mirror and each episode leaves me deep in thought about just what technology is doing to us and how society is changing around it. Both in how society uses this technology as well as societal belief changes that stem from technology being the norm. Honestly though – If I could buy the TCKR system used in “San Junipero” and “Striking Vipers” I’d do so in an instant. Coach from “Hang the DJ” can keep as far away from me as possible however.

Mental Health and the Benefits of Video Games

Saturday 12th October 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM @ Fruitbat Theatre

Mental health is a very important topic in this day and age, with over 4 million Australians currently suffering from a mental health disorder. Join health professionals and gamers who have gone through tough times to learn more about mental health, signs, treatment, coping mechanisms, and most importantly, ending the stigma. It’s okay to not be okay.


This panel is going to be fantastic. As a mental health advocate and hoping to open up conversation in our industry and community I am really looking forward to seeing what the panellists are going to discuss. Mental health is so important and I feel like in gaming there is a HUGE stigma surrounding the topic of mental health. This panel is going to provide some great resources and hopefully contribute to positively changing the conversations around mental health in our amazing community. 

Gaming is Good for Your Mental Health: Self Medicating with Games

Sunday 13th October 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM @ Galah Theatre 

Preach it to the choir!! Research now backs up everything we already knew: Gaming is GOOD for you. From improving your mental health, pain management, and even boosting rehabilitation after surgery, science is proving more and more how gaming has the potential to do great things for your health. The secret lies in *how* you self-medicate with games; both computer games AND tabletop. Bringing together a panel of mental health professionals, game developers, and professional game reviewers, we dive into how the gaming culture can help with maintaining a healthy well-being.


There is a lot of chatter about how video games are BAD for your mental health and not enough chatter focusing on they can be good for your mental health. Whether it be from spending time with people online to cure loneliness to keeping your brain sharp via puzzle games.  If you’re struggling maybe this panel I think you should definitely check this panel out. You may even discover a way games can help you! 

PAX Australia 2019 is going to be an amazing event this year, check out the full schedule and let us know which panels you will be heading to over the weekend. If you see us there don’t forget to say hi!