Britanni Johnson Interview – “Not to fear… just do it”

britanni johnson

It’s not every day you get to interview a real life angel, but here we are with Britanni Johnson! Britanni has spent more than ten years in the gaming industry as a voice actor and hosting for esports. Britanni knows the importance of networking, balancing work and social life, and the importance of putting yourself out there. Keep reading to find out more! 

For those who are unaware, who are you and what do you do? Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!

Hi everyone! If you’ve played the Borderlands series you probably reconize me as Angel. That is what I’m most known for, however I’ve done so much more. Between voice overs for brands and videos games, hosting for esports tournaments and gaming shows, or any other on camera work – I’ve also been involved on the business side of the industry. 


How did you start your career in games? How has your career progress since your career started?

I technically started working in video games when I started working on Borderlands in 2009 while I was in college, but it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles in 2012 when I focused on it full time. I moved out to LA initially to focus on talent and the release of Borderlands 2. I would be invited as a guest on shows and networks and be invited back to guest host and even host my own shows. However I couldn’t just be talent, I always had the urge to be more involved. I would meet people at industry events and make tons of friends which led to me connecting people, brands and companies together. Eventually I was not only working as talent but consulting as well. 

When did you decide to get other people on board to help you out?

There was never a point where I decided I needed to get anyone on board to help me out. I would meet people and ask how I could help them, if I could do anything to help anyone or connect them to someone who could – I would always try my best. Then people would ask me if they could help me. I never expected help from anyone – I met some amazing people, built trust and great relationships, and learned as much as I could. 

What was one of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome in the first year of your career? How did you overcome them?

My biggest obstacle was that I just needed to jump in and do it, stop thinking about “what if it’s not perfect”. It took a long time for me to learn that it and get over these insecurities. To learn not to fear and just do. 

Brittani Johnson
Souce: Twitter

Your job would involve a lot of networking, what would be your top 3 tips for those networking for the first time?

I love networking! I love meeting people and learning from them and what they do. My biggest advice would be to 

  1. Be genuine, be kind and do not harm – don’t take advantage of people and don’t have expectations.
  2. Don’t be afraid to walk up to anyone and introduce yourself.
  3. Don’t close yourself off to conversation, you never know who you will meet. 

What are some things you wish you knew before you started content creation?

I’m greateful for my path, my career, and the opportunities that I’ve had. However I have never been more intimidated than when it comes to content creation. I attempted to start streaming a couple years ago but because I wasn’t able to do it perfectly, I gave up. What I learned is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s more important to be persistent. Upgrade when you have the meansd but what is most important is that you JUST DO IT. 

What are some of the challenges that you should expect as an up and coming content creator?

My answer to question 6 covers this a little bit. I know my personal challenges will be to know that it won’t always be perfect, but what is more important is consistency and that I have fun doing it. Besides that the biggest challenges will be/is creating and maintaining balance. 

You are a business owner on top of everything else that you do, can you tell us about your business?

I want to wait until launch to really get into details. However it will make connecting talent and production in gaming/esports MUCH easier. Right now it’s the wild west and something needs to be done. 

brittani johnson
Source: Twitter

Are you having to relearn how to balance streaming with hosting esports and gaming events, content creation and being a business owner? What has the process been like?

It hasn’t been easy! I try my best to plan out my week in advance so I know how much time I need to give my different endeavors but also myself. Not only have I always loved content creation but it’s also necessary to diversify and get more talent work so I Know I have to give that a good shot and not just do it as a hobby or “whenever I feel like it”. I try to be disciplined enough to treat it like a part time job, however with hosting and talent work I could be in LA tomorrow and China the next day so being flexible is very important. Most importantly is me time – going to the gym, eating healthy, and spending time with people I love and friends – making time for me is just as important as work and the older I get the more and more I realize how important this is for my own mental well being. 

What would your advice to content creators trying to create a healthy work/life balance?

Find time to go on walks, do things that make you happy, surround yourself with good friends, go to the gym. Keep your mind and body happy and it will reflect in your work and energy. When I didn’t work out I found that I would have more anxiety, even be depressed. 

Thank you to Britanni for taking the time to chat with Player 2 HQ about content creation, networking and how to balance your work/life. Take the time to follow Britanni on the below social sites: 

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