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Welcome to Player 2 HQ

Player 2 HQ is your one stop destination for resources and assistance when it comes to growing your content creation business. From the beginnings to infinity and beyond! We are here to help you with all the behind the scenes things so you can focus on what you do best. 

Who Are We

Player 2 HQ is Cat & Teags
We are video game lovers, marketing fanatics, dog lovers and we’re also passionate about educating and helping people with the business side of their content creation.

Our Mission

To help those in the gaming industry deal with the business side of things so you can focus on doing what you do best. We aim to do this by offering educational resources across a whole range of subjects as well as person to person support.

What We Do

Teach and aid content creators how to make the most out of their business. From setting goals to nailing that brand pitch we can help you. 

Our history

Cat and Teagan met in 2019 randomly online while talking about the business side of Twitch and how lost a lot of people seemed to be. Teags was a streamer back in 2015-2018 and while she enjoyed streaming her passions lay in the behind the scenes aspect of it all. Cat has worked in the marketing side of gaming for over 5 years and wants to teach others about all the business aspects creators may be unaware of.  Together with their strong backgrounds in marketing they created Player 2 HQ. A place for everyone to learn about the business side of their passion and to help them grow. 

Meet Teags

Hey I’m Teags! I started streaming on Twitch back in 2015 – Twitch was new and exciting and a totally difference place to what it is now. When I streamed I found I spent a lot of time off camera working on my social media, scenes in OBS, networking, speaking with sponsors, building my website and by the time I clicked “GO LIVE” I was EXHAUSTED!

When it came down to it – I found that I enjoyed the behind the scenes aspects of streaming more than actually being live.  I loved researching everything to do with streaming and content creation. I loved watching others grow and flourish. I loved communicating and making friends with other content creators. I loved watching how everyone else created their own content with their own personal flair. The more I researched the less I wanted to stream. I wanted to learn more about what happened behind the screen.  The business and marketing side of content creation was way more interesting than the entertainment side for me! Business and marketing is in my blood!

I have over 15 years business development and marketing experience in small to medium businesses.  I’ve been on social media since it’s inception and keeping up with social media trends gives me joy.

When I not in front of my computer you can find me with my beautiful Lhasa Apso Asuka (Named after Unit 2 in Neon Genesis Evangelion) and travelling the world hoping to see as much of it as possible!

Meet Cat

Meowdy! I am Cat, Co-Founder of Player 2 HQ. My passion for gaming started at an early age, playing Zelda Ocarina of Time with my Dad at about the age of eight. When I first left school I wanted to join the police force until I really fell back in love with gaming and even more in love with marketing and public relations. Currently I work as an Assistant Brand Manager for a video games and accessories distribution company located in Sydney. It’s been the best 5 years of my life! 

With all this knowledge and experience inside my head I really wanted to be able to do something with it. I was getting desperate with wanting to help out content creators with anything that I could, anyway that I could. Enter Teagan with her passion and motivation we created Player 2 HQ to help support, educate, manage and develop content creators and their business. We’ve tried to leave no stone unturned! 

 Outside of Player 2 HQ and my marketing job, I really love watching my friends stream live on Twitch. You can catch me on the weekends curled up on the lounge with a dog watching horror movies or true crime documentaries. I’m also a keen PC gamer with a new found love for third-person shooters and puzzle games. 

Meet Silicon(e)


Silicon(e) is the Player 2 HQ Knowledge bot. He’s here to help you with an abundance of resources and advice.

Silicon(e) loves helping people. 



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